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Request Package Transfer from One Account to Another

Transferring an entire contract or package from one account to another is the best way to transfer all contents of a package, including all websites, domains, and E-mail addresses. It allows you to do this without incurring any transfer charges or having to reconfigure your website or change the configuration after the move. Typically, transferring a package to another account is performed when there is another individual or company already with a 1&1 account, who will take over management of the package containing the website or domain within it.

If you wish to transfer a package from one account to another, you will need to fill out the Transfer of Contract Form which can be downloaded from the administrative forms page in the 1&1 Help Centre. You can then send the completed form as an e-mail attachment or fax to:

E-mail address:
Fax number: 0845-076-2202

Processing time varies, depending on package and number of queued requests. On average, it takes at least two business days to process. Please be sure to provide all the required information so as not to delay the processing.

General Information:
  • Only one person who is authorised to sign may sign the form.
  • Changing the company name, the Administrative contact (Admin-C) or the contracting party may entail changing the domain owner.
  • Once you submit the request, we will check whether the contract can be transferred and then carry out the transfer if so. If required information is missing or if a transfer is not possible, we will contact you by phone or in writing. If we have all the necessary documentation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation once the transfer is complete.
  • Previously created invoices cannot be changed retroactively. A final invoice will also not be created.
  • Any outstanding bills will be automatically transferred to the new contracting party. Questions regarding this matter should be resolved between the new and the previous contract owners before the transfer.
  • If the previous owner has passed away and you are taking over the contract, please send us a copy of the death certificate and the certificate of inheritance. Please also note that all heirs must sign the form to approve the transfer.
Privacy Information:
  • Please change the passwords. Caution: We are not able to view the passwords.
  • All page content of the domain becomes the responsibility of the new contract owner once the owner change is complete.
  • If necessary, the previous contracting party should back up and/or delete the content before the transfer.
  • The previous contract owner should also back up and delete all e-mail addresses and e-mails contained in the mailbox. These, too, will become available to the new contract owner.
  • The record of previous customer correspondence is retained after the owner change. This cannot be deleted.
Please note:
Your changes will be used for all future domain orders.

If technically possible, all existing records with the registration authorities for your domains, e.g. DENIC eG, will be updated automatically. We will inform you of the successful updates by e-mail. Please make sure to also report the changes directly to the necessary registries, should they require this. Examples of notable registries that require you to contact them include EURid (.eu domains) and NIC.AT (.at domains). There may be costs associated with these changes in certain circumstances.

For generic domains (e.g. .com, .net, .org, and all new domain extensions such as .website, .shop, etc.), you also have to update your domain contact details in the domain management area.

For additional information, you may want to reference: