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Domain Renewal Costs

All domains registered with 1&1 are set to automatically renew by default. This ensures that the domain does not expire without your knowledge, which would result in the domain showing a blank website or a parking page, and all e-mail addresses being lost with the domain.

Your domain will renew at the current renewal cost, unless it is an included domain. Included domains renew free of charge.

If you wish to let your domain expire instead of renewing, you must Disable Domain Auto-Renewal for the domain before its renewal date. By disabling the auto-renewal feature for a domain, the domain still remains active and usable until the renewal date. Once the domain expires, all rights to the domain will be lost, as well as all e-mail addresses associated with the domain.

You can find out about domain renewal charges in our comprehensive price overview: scr_domain_renewal_costs_01.png.

*Domain is subject to additional ICANN fee.