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With 1&1 hosting products you can start your own web project and thus provide the basis for your personal online success.

Hosting possibilities are provided for both beginners and professionals. They are offered with either a Windows or Linux operating system.

Since security plays a major role with us, the data of all hosting packages is secured simultaneously in two data centres in different locations through geo-redundancy: If one data centre fails, the second one takes over within seconds so that the performance is not affected.

In this category you will find information on webspace and access, scripts and programming languages as well as website building tools. Furthermore, web design software to easily build your own website will be presented to you.

Beyond this, you will be introduced to our databases and storage products that help you store and manage your data. Also, useful information on the 1&1 WebDesk, the entry point for all important 1&1 applications, is provided for you.

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