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Common Error Messages with PHP Scripts

Learn how to identify and troubleshoot some of the most common PHP script errors. These issues may cause your PHP script or application, such as Wordpress, to suddenly stop or prevent it from running altogether.

Error Message What does this mean? What can I do?
Error 500:
Internal Server Error
This error usually occurs in the following situations:

1. The process run times or concurrent processes exceeded the limits to run the script.

2. A command in a .htaccess file (e.g. a rewrite rule) is faulty.

3. An unexpected server-side error has occurred.
To 1. Note the script limits set for Webhosting packages.

To 2. Check your .htaccess files for possible write errors. Only one missing character is sufficient to get an error message. Are you parsing in a .htaccess to a specific PHP version? Please make sure that you use the correct version.

To 3. Wait a few minutes, clear the cache of your web browser, and then reload the page. If the error message continues:

Check the 1&1 Status Page for any reported or known malfunctions. If you cannot find anything there, please contact our support.
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected [..] in ... Errors in the syntax (the programming code) of the script have occurred. Verify that your script code is not missing any characters or commands.
Tip: Copy the code into an editor such as Notepad ++ and activate syntax highlighting in the settings. This feature highlights commands in colour, making it easier to find errors.
Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 123456789) (tried to allocate 29360129 bytes) in /test.php on line 9 The maximum memory limit (limitation of the working memory) to run a script has been reached. Each webhosting package has a predefined memory limit. Please note the script limits in the article PHP Script Limits in the 1&1 Webhosting Packages .

You have optimised the scripts in regards to the memory limit, but the error still occurs? In these cases, we recommend switching to a larger webhosting package or a 1&1 Managed Server.
Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded The limit for script process run times has been reached. Please try again later.

If this error occurs frequently, check the performance of your script. Look for alternative applications that can perform the functions of your script with less computation time. Alternatively, we would be pleased to advise you in choosing a more powerful webhosting package or 1&1 Managed Server.
Warning: fopen(…): failed to open stream: Permission denied in… A file permission problem with the fopen function has occurred. If the script tries to open another script via the fopen function, it must also have the necessary server rights. If this is not the case, this error occurs. Check the read, write, and execute (chmod) rights of the script and adjust them appropriately. For more information, see the fopen documentation at
Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required... The script requires another script to run a function. However, this can not be executed because the script file required for this is not available or does not exist. Check whether the file needed to call the function is present and the listed directory path is correct. Adjust the path accordingly. For more information, please refer to the documentation on the function 'require' at