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What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the service or protocol that allows you to connect to the webspace of your webhosting package to manage your files, folders and permissions. There are many free FTP programmes that you can use to connect to your webspace and transfer files and create folders. While you are able to access your webspace via FTP using a browser, it is recommended to use a FTP programme instead.

Below are some free FTP programmes available for download:

Each 1&1 WebHosting account comes with one FTP username that you can use to connect to your webspace. You can find the default FTP username in your 1&1 Control Panel and change the password there if necessary. Some 1&1 WebHosting accounts can also create additional FTP users.

Please note:
FTP is an insecure protocol. Your password is transmitted in plain text whenever connecting or transferring files via FTP. If you have a Linux package with SSH access, it is suggested to transfer your files using SFTP instead. If you have a Windows Webhosting package, consider using the FTPS protocol instead.