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Set Up E-mail on an iPad

Follow the steps below to set up your 1&1 Mail Basic account on your iPad, allowing you to access your 1&1 Mail Basic account wherever you go.

Step 1
Ensure that your iPad has a connection, either via 3G or Wi-Fi. Then select the Settings icon from the home screen.
Step 2
Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Please note:
For iOS versions 10.3.4 and higher, select Accounts & Passwords.

Then, click Add Account... Settings overview
Settings overview
Step 3
For the E-mail account type, select Other.
Add Account > Other
Add Account > Other
Step 4
Select Add Mail Account.
Add Mail Account
Add Mail Account
Step 5
Enter the account information. When you are finished, click on Next. Input account information
Input account information
Field Input
Name Name that will be shown when others receive your E-mails
Address Your full E-mail address
Password Enter your E-mail account's password.
Description Name that will be used to identify the e-mail account on your iPad. It is suggested to use your full e-mail address here.
Step 6
After you entered the remaining mail server information, click the Next button. Input IMAP information
Input IMAP information
Field Input
Account Type IMAP
Incoming Mail Server Host Name
Outgoing Mail Server Host Name
User Name Your full 1&1 Mail Basic address
Password The password for your 1&1 Mail Basic address
Please note:
Make sure that the account is set up as IMAP otherwise all E-mails will be downloaded to your iPad and you will not be able to view your E-mails from other devices.
Step 7
Once verified, you will be able to select which features of the E-mail account you want to sync with the iPad. At the very least, you must sync Mail to get your E-mails on the iPad.

When finished, click the Save button.

Selection of sync options
Selection of sync options
Step 8
You will be brought back to the Settings menu where you account has been added. You can now click on your account to change advanced settings such as saving mail sent from the iPad to the Sent folder of the E-mail server. Or click on Add Account... to work with a different account.
Add account window
Add account window
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