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Set Up Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 Account on an iPhone

Follow the steps below to synchronise your Microsoft Exchange package to your iPhone.

The setup allows you to access your Exchange account wherever you go.
The steps and images in this article reflect the iOS 9.1 operating system.

Step 1
Select the Settings icon.
Applications overview
Applications overview
Step 2
Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
List of settings
List of settings
Step 3
At the top, choose the Add Account... selection.Accounts
Step 4
Select the Microsoft Exchange type of mail account.Available Mail Accounts
Available Mail Accounts
Step 5
Enter your Email, Password and a Description of the account. Account access information
Account access information
Step 6
Enter under Server and your Username. Server details
Server details
Step 7
Once connected, the phone will prompt you to choose which services you would like to sync with your iPhone. Enable synchronization by changing the selection to ON.

When you are finished, click on Save.
Services for syncing
Services for syncing

Your account is set up on your iPhone. Allow time for your iPhone to sync with your Exchange account as many profiles are large and take time depending on the connection type and speed.

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