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Update 1&1 WebMail Address after Domain Transfer

Learn how to update your 1&1 WebMail address after you have completed an internal domain transfer.

When moving a domain out of your current package, any e-mail addresses that were still actively using the domain will be renamed. For example, if the domain was moved to another package, the active e-mail address would be renamed to This way your mailbox remains, but the e-mail address is renamed.

After the domain has transferred to the other package, you may recreate the e-mail address in that package using the exact same name as before. When re-createing the e-mail address after the domain transfer, the inbox will be empty. You should log in to 1&1 WebMail for that account and follow the steps below to transfer the e-mails from the old e-mail address to the newly created, empty mailbox.

Step 1
Log in to the 1&1 WebMail interface. Log in page
Log in Page

Step 2
Click the menu icon and then click Edit Settings.
Webmail Email page
Webmail Mail page

Step 3
Select Accounts from the Settings menu.
Webmail Settings menu
Webmail Settings menu
Step 4
Click Add account > Email account. Webmail Accounts Settings page
Webmail Accounts Settings page
Step 5
Enter Your email address and Your password of the renamed e-mail address. Then click the Add button.
Add email account page
Add email account page
Step 6
Once the e-mail address has been added, click the Email link at the top of 1&1 WebMail. Webmail Accounts Settings page
Webmail Accounts Settings page
Step 7
Here you will see your renamed e-mail address and all of its mail folders. You can now drag and drop e-mails or folders from your renamed e-mail account into your inbox of this e-mail account. Webmail Email page
Webmail Email page
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