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Add an Image Gallery to a 1&1 MyWebsite

The following steps will teach you how to add an image gallery to a 1&1 MyWebsite package. An image gallery allows you to display multiple images within one element.

This article describes a function of the Editor ordered before 06/09/2017.
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Menu bar of the editor version ordered before 06/09/2017
Menu bar of the editor version ordered after 06/09/2017
Step 2
Click the Insert Elements button from the menu on the right-hand side. 1&1 MyWebsite start page
1&1 MyWebsite start page
Step 3
From the Multimedia category, click and hold the Photo Gallery icon. Insert elements
Insert elements
Step 4
Drag the Photo Gallery icon to the area of the page where you want the text to appear on the page. Release the mouse button when you have positioned the text in the correct location. 1&1 MyWebsite start page with new element
1&1 MyWebsite start page with new element
Step 5
Click the Browse button to upload your own pictures. Hold the Ctrl button on a Windows keyboard or Command key on a Macintosh keyboard to select multiple pictures. Photo Gallery upload options
Photo Gallery upload options
Step 6
Click the Image library tab to choose a picture from the MyWebsite image library. Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Step 7
Use the Back and Next buttons to scroll through that pages of available images or enter a search term in the text box and click the magnifying glass button to search for pictures relating to your keyword. Search results matching keyword
Search results matching keyword
Step 8
Click an image once to select it and then click the Insert button to confirm your selection. Image selected
Image selected
Please note:
Hover your mouse over an image to view a larger thumbnail.
Step 9
The image will be added to the gallery. Click the Upload button to upload more images or select more images from the image library for the gallery. Use the same procedure above for adding additional images. Image added to gallery
Image added to gallery
Step 10
Once all images have been uploaded, you can then enter subtitles for all the images, edit the images or set up links for the images. You can then choose the Gallery format which will allow you to configure more options for the gallery.

When you are finished making changes, click the Save button. New images with adjusted aspect ratio
New images with adjusted aspect ratio

The images will be added to the page. Use the up arrow and down arrow to move the image gallery element up or down the page. 1&1 MyWebsite start page with images

1&1 MyWebsite start page with images