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Transfer Files to Windows Server using Remote Desktop

Learn how to share files from your computer with your server using the options in Remote Desktop.

You can transfer files to your server using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), though this method is insecure since FTP passwords are sent in plain text. In order to use FTP, you must also configure the FTP service, which involves multiple steps. Instead, you can transfer files securely through the Remote Desktop session with minimal configuration.

Step 1
Launch Remote Desktop Connection program on your computer, but do not click Connect yet. Instead, click Options.
Launch Remote Desktop
Launch Remote Desktop
Step 2
Select the Local Resources tab. General Options
General Options
Step 3
Click on More.
Local Resources of your connection
Local Resources of your connection
Step 4
Expand the Drives list by clicking the + button and check the box next to the drive(s) on your PC that contain(s) the files you want to transfer to the server. Click OK to finish. Your local devices and resources
Your local devices and resources
Step 5
Click the connect button as you normally would supplying your username and password to log on to the server.
Open up Windows Explorer or My Computer to see your computer's drive(s) along with the server's drives. Copy and paste or drag and drop files from your PC to the drives on your server. Your Libraries
Your Libraries

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